E-Money’s wife Reveals Why Her Husband Never Cheated on Her

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Juliet Okonkwo, spouse of popular Nigerian billionaire entrepreneur, E-Money has opened up on their marriage in a new interview with StellaDimokorkus.


In the interview, Juliet revealed how she met her husband and why he is never cheated on her.

Read excerpts below,

Where did you meet E-money for the first time?

I met him during Julius Agwu‘s video shoot in Surulere.

Did you meet him broke?

Yes. Then he was a young struggling guy with so much potentials

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On marrying a boy from Ajegunle despite being British

I was adopted by my British Aunt when l lost my parents, l saw An Ajegunle hardworking and handsome boy and l fell in love with him. I was inspired by his good heart


On how she has been able to keep her marriage despite the high rate of divorce

Marriage is not easy. It’s not a bed of roses likewise it’s not a torn of flesh. We shouldn’t compare our spouse to any other family. We should always support them no matter the situation then our marriage will be rosy

On keeping Emoney away from female admirers

I don’t keep him away from female admirers. I understand it’s not easy for him, we talk about it and make jokes out of some of the attention he gets from women. I love him and understands him. This saying all men must cheat has been a lot of problem in our society today. You marrying a very handsome, rich young man we know the challenges that come with it so


Has E-money ever cheated on you ??

He has not cheated on me, we are not just married but we are close friends. We talk about anything that will bring insecurity into our family.


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