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Elina Desaine Crowned As UK’s Horniest Student [PHOTOS]

In a competition organized by se.x website, 20-year old Elina Desaine has been crowned as the horniest student in Great Britian.

The University of Exeter student was named Britain’s Horniest Student after entering a degrading online competition where contestants are encouraged to sleep with as many partners as they can.

Whoever sleeps with the most partners and can prove it, wins the competition. Latvian-born Elina won it and received £500 and a year’s supply of condoms.

Elina proudly wrote on her Facebook page before she won,

    “I should be the UK’s horniest student because I made love with at least 2 / 3 different people a week. Sometimes I go clubbing, made love with someone, and then go back to the club to p!ck up my second victim. Feeling horny right now, so might just text someone on my ‘shag list’ and do it in the computer room (I’ve done this before, was great!) ‘With your help of Alcohol I will be able to become an even Hornier Student!”

The former pupil of the £4,000-a-term James Allens Girls’ School said one of her proudest moments is having se.x in a university computer room, and admitted her ultimate goal is to seduce a lecturer.

The third year IT management student keeps a list of her se.xual partners or, in her words, ‘conquests’ but struggles to remember all their names.

‘I have to put descriptions or question marks instead of names.’

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