From Flats to Fats: Selena Gomez tries to be like Cossy : Photos

Selena-GomezJustin Bieber on and off girlfriend, has being spotted out and about with bigger than before b00bs.

In the photo, there’s a side by side where she’s posing in d exact same position, but there are different results

In the pic, where she’s posing with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen at the Met Gala, her b00bs look just normal. While in the second pic there’s a larger amount of b00bstatic cleavage in display, she even manages 2 flash a nipple!


Why some have argued that she could be wearing a push up bra in the second picture, well there’s proof to knock that argument out!


In yet another picture, her b00bs look fuller than usual and she isn’t wearing a bra, push up or otherwise ‘cos her nipples are in full display.

Definitely, someone had some work done on their b00bs! No arguments.


-Zedd Z’ul


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