How Bank W worked multiple jobs while in University to pay for studio time

Date 2016-10-28

Category Entertainment, Gist & Gossip

Banky W. shared this inspirational photo of when he worked multiple jobs while still in the University to pay for studio time.


He encouraged people to work hard, believe in themselves and God, that dreams can come true. Read what he wrote after the cut:

LOOOOLLL 😂 @captdemuren remember this bruh?? Picture taken from the first newspaper article ever written about EME. 2003 or thereabout, upstate NY. Back when we used to work multiple jobs while in Uni, to pay for studio time. Back when we used to call you Donnie LOL. Back when my beard was as thin and tiny as my bank account, and my hair wasn’t gone with the wind 😭😂. Back when it was nothing but a dream. But the moral of the story is… if you work your A$$ off, believe in God, believe in yourself, and never give up, dreams really can come true.



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