“I Don’t Understand Why Iggy Azalea Is So F**king Controversial” – T.I.

Date 2014-08-20

Category Gist & Gossip


“Part of us always knew this but T.I. is a good guy to have in your corner. When chatting with Rolling Stone about his upcoming projects, he, of course, got quizzed about his protégé, Iggy Azalea. As her star’s risen, the Australian-born Iggy has gotten a lot of flack for breaking the mold of the successful rapper. She’s white, she’s female, she’s not what we expect, people have said, and T.I. ain’t having it.

RS writer David Drake posed the question this way: “I do have to ask — I’m curious about Iggy Azalea. She’s had a very controversial…”

Here’s where T.I. cut in: “Why? Why is it? I would. ike for you to raise a significant reason why it should be any more controversial than any other rapper.

Fancy’ is a hit record. ‘Fancy’ would have been a hit record whoever did it. It’s just that she was the first one to think to do it.” Mic dropped.

RS continued, “Have you met a person that finds her style of performing to be weird or abrasive to them?” “None that will say it to my face,” T.I. replied. “And if they would, they won’t get any hostility coming from me. I’m just going to approach it with logic and reason.

Just explain yourself. Make this s—t make sense to me, especially if they are a black person. Because black people have stood up for equality, for justice, for being treated fairly, for whatever they choose to do, and we have had to break down barriers in caucasian dominated areas … So why would we stand in judgment, when someone else is in the same position we have found ourselves in, why would we not treat them the way that we want to be treated?” P!ck that mic back up. T.I. needs to drop it again. Ha! Ha!”

-Zedd Z’ul


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