“I slept at the airport the first night I got to America”- The immigrant mom

Traveling out and leaving your country to America might sound and look very interesting as a lot of people yearn and look forward to being a citizen of America but what a whole lot of these people don’t know is that having a soft landing depends on the information that they have.

Just before you “Japa” to America, you should read this.

Here is the story of Igxtelle Mbah Acha, Esq who is the founder of The Immigrant Mom organization. She is a mom of two and a wife who is Originally from Cameroon but then she migrated to South Korea in 2008 before landing to the US in 2011. The international attorney even with her experience and exposure in traveling had her share of “Shock ” on getting to America.

This led her to start up The immigrant mom; A network of Immigrant moms, raising children in a new culture, and seeking to equip themselves and other moms with the necessary tools to secure a bright future for themselves and their kids.

The Immigrant Mom is a non-profit organization based in the United States with a vision to provide support, tools and resources to all immigrant mothers raising children in the United States.

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The United States culture is unique and certain peculiar aspects with regards to education, finances, and social life In lieu of raising children maybe significantly different from the immigrant moms home country. Because it takes a Village to raise a child, The Immigrant Mom organization will through various programs and events provide that network which is necessary for successful parenting.

The Immigrant Mom organization is based in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex in Texas and you can get more information by following them on Instagram IG- @theimmigrantmom, liking their Facebook page – The immigrant mom and following on Twitter- @momimmigrant

Click the link to get more familiar with this platform
So if you are thinking of migrating to America as a mom for the first time, the immigrant mom would help you beyond your expectations.


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