I’m not a Pr0stitute, I chose to act with ‘bare Brea5t’ – Peace Francis


Up and coming Nollywood actress, Peace Maria Francis, has defended her role in a certain movie in which she appeared ‘bare-Brea5ted’, saying she was ‘just being professional.’

In the epic movie, the actress who hails from Akwa Ibom state, appeared in different scenes flaunting her bare Brea5ts and a few weeks after the completion of the shoot, she came under name-calling from fans who tagged her a ‘Pr0stitute’, ‘shameless hustler’.

Defending herself, the budding actress in a chat with Nollywood Insider, said, “It is all because I wanted to use it to tell the real story of what happened back then in our country, Nigeria.


“It is also in a bid to tell our younger ones how we started back then, and the only way to do that, is to express it in a professional manner.

“That is what I am in the industry to do; tell people the real story and interpret such roles very well, for their better understanding and enjoyment, as a professional actor.

“I do take risk. This means and shows how serious I take my job. It is a sign of the sacrifice and effort I put in it to make my acts have some sense of reality, while sending good messages to our people.”

The actress cried out loud, saying, “I am a Christian and I fear God and worship him as best as I can, but would that stop me from doing my job? I think that shouldn’t.

“Some ask how much I was paid to expose my body like that. Others want to know ask why I did it. They say I am desperate and a paid Pr0stitute.

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