LYRICS: Chriz Gunz[@iamchrizgunz] – Nike Boots feat. Hilda[@Itz_Hilda]


Iam chriz1


    Its SIPI on the mix

    I’m just doing what I gat to do
    Fly than rest of them
    Still gat my nike boots
    Doing what I gat to do.

    Verse 1 (Hilda)
    Ask me why i go slow when there’s no traffic
    born ajete by jete by the time you enter my keke
    all this haters get bad belle cox dem dey waka lyk sele
    nike shoe on my leg niggur,watch ahm steady upon it
    I’ll b on this game like I’m never gonna stop huh
    you wondering why I’m the best,ah gat this song on
    ahm unauthorised person cox i gat you outta bonds
    bounce on…niggurz you can watch me on da sun.
    Still doin wah ah gatta do…my story so confusing
    even wole soyinka nor fit do the summarizing
    Niggaz watch, yeah my summer rising
    I’m strong Mike Tyson…I’m good mesmerizing
    Than the rest of them ah still got my nike boots,
    watch me on yatch yeah ah be on my psysyki kudz. Yeah am here and am cruizing with gunz yeah,ah gat sipi chiki chik chiki on d beat


    Verse 2 (Chriz Gunz)
    the boy soft buh lyrically am a gunstar
    One shot on ur brain ah see you gone star
    Conductor omo push the start
    U rappers shoot fake like u playing war start
    Am all red lik e playstations 99
    The shit this niggaz do already did in 99
    With nike boots ah be flying high
    Ah make em go front ah bring em back in line
    Kush in d brain
    Kush in the liver
    The boy so bad
    The boy dey deliver
    Ohhhh ah tink I flow like a river
    The boy still small buh still am getting bigger
    And on d beat is chrizzy and hilda
    Delivery at ur door like pizza
    Ah go hard guess ah must be caculus
    Drop so much bangs u better. Call the ambulance


    Verse 3

    Bitch high u can see on d mufu.cking sky
    Yh ah drop d shii u be loving
    Ah drop dem u love dem ah dem dey cum
    Yh am chilling wif gunz

    Am in d booth nd am feeling cold
    D rappers drop new lines buh dey done dey hold
    Shinning like 32
    Pointing and killing shii dat must be barbecue..


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