Mariah Carey slammed by her brother for not helping their HIV-positive sister

’s brother has lashed out at the pop diva, calling her selfish for abandoning their struggling sister who was released after being arrested for Pr0stitution.

Mariah Carey slammed by her brother for not helping their HIV-positive sister

, 51, made the remarks during an interview with where he also called on his superstar sister to splash her cash and help fix things. Morgan says he’s upset because Mariah refuses to help Alison, even after she recorded a desperate public plea for help in March.

‘Mariah doesn’t care about anyone other than herself,’ And it’s always been that way.

“I would hope Mariah could find it in her heart to forgive Alison her transgressions and step up, create a trust, let’s make sure Alison’s needs are met.”


Morgan and Mariah were once very close. In fact, Morgan a model and music producer, claims he was instrumental in Mariah becoming a superstar.

“There wouldn’t be a Mariah Carey today if it hadn’t been for me,” he claims.
He says he has not spoken to Mariah in six years following a nasty rift tore them apart.

Mariah’s publicist says she has done a lot over the years to give Alison a helping hand.

“Through the years, Mariah has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting Alison and her children,” the statement said.

Morgan says:

“I will always be puzzled why Alison, a heroin addict, has always been given large sums of money from Mariah her whole life. You can’t put large sums of cash into the hands of a drug addict.”
It is believed Mariah has not spoken to her sister since 1994.”

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