MI Abaga drops #KINGJAMES at 5pm Today [70 stations, 4 african countries, 1 song]

Date 2014-08-20

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“Last night @VinaBlackBarbie and I took out precious time out of our usually busy schedules to decipher the cryptic message in MI’s last (or is it first?) Instagram post. After an hour which involved learning the rudiments of the ancient Hebrew language (did you know Hebrew has no vowels? and did you know it is the only known language with which God has ever spoken to humans? Well, Now you know.)

Anyways, here’s what we found out.”1

Add to that his new images here, you begin to wonder: Is his New Album titled “…In The Beginning”? Is he leaving Chocolate City to concentrate on his own ‘New’ Loopy Records? Is MI trying to tell us something? Is he, like Lazarus, about to rise from the ashes of mediocre music , and serve us something in the shade of ‘Talk About It’? Are we about to experience a rebirth of MI’s music, maybe even Nigerian music at large? Questions, questions, questions.

However, in what is without a doubt the most unprecedented single release in Naija music history, MI + Chocolate city are launching his latest music, King James, in partnership with over 30 radio stations all over Nigeria at exactly 5pm today.


Can’t begin to imagine how much work was put into this move but if MI and his Choc City/Loopy team actually pull this off, they would have accomplished something really INCREDIBLE.

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