Moving into position! Khloe Kardashian reveals Brad Pitt is one of her crushes

Date 2016-09-27

Category Entertainment, Gist & Gossip

The Kardashians sure know how to grab headlines. Khloe Kardashian has revealed she has a big crush on Brad Pitt – just one week after he split from Angelina Jolie.


The reality TV star took to her website to talk about some 90s Hollywood hunks, and tried to decide whether she’d rather date them as they were, or now that they’ve grown older .
Writing on her official website, she said:
“I love me some ’90s Hollywood men!”I grew up with some hottie actors and singers from ’90s TV shows and movies. See which of these men I think are hotter twenty years ago vs. today.”

The first one on her was Brad Pitt.

Khloe says she likes him better ‘then.’
‘He’s handsome in the ’90s and today, but I do like him younger,’
‘I loved him in Meet Joe Black, but didn’t like him when he was super young, like in Thelma & Louise.’

She then moves on to Mark Wahlberg
‘NOW. So cute!’

The last man on her list is Mark-Paul Gosselaar.’
THEN. I didn’t love Saved by the Bell but I do have childhood memories of watching it. Mark-Paul is handsome now too, though.’


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