Mp-Review of Davido’s “Blow My Mind” featuring Chris Brown

DavidoBlow My Mind (featuring Chris Brown)

Produced by Shizi

Song Review (A Thread)


First of all, I’d love to stay how much I love Davido and His overtire improvements, He has been a moving train, and has also brought down walls to set a pace and rock His game.

Note: This review is in no way personal, I love Davido as a person, an Artiste and a creative and this review is strictly professional. Grazie.

Blow My Mind, as I expected, to break forth new grounds as Davido used to with His foreign features, but I noticed something changed.

The song felt all Chris Brown and no Davido, even Davido’s first verse sounded like he was miming to Chris Brown sing which is totally unlike Davido as he always had His Afro feel.

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Davido as an Afro pop act could have brought Chris to his lane, instead chose to go to Chris’.

The songs Lyrics are superb and up to standards if I may say. Quality stuff there.

It should have been Chris Brown struggling to rock on a fully blended Afro beat rather than the other way, Pop and RnB are rhythmic and vocally sensitive genres.

For the Instrumentals, Shizi was a beast as always, He delivered 💯 100%.

Down to the mastering, it was fire🔥- whoever did that is a beast too, infact Davido or whoever made the arrangement did a very great Job at that, but the mixing, the vocal texture balance between verses could have been better, could be my ears, but everything else was fire.

In my professional opinion, “Blow My Mind” is so far, Davido’s worst appearance in His own song with a foreign feature. He could have done better, and there’s always room for improvements…

Uncle Davido, next time, bring them home, that’s where you shine. Don’t give them the chance of robbing you again, We all love you, and we will still Vibe to “Blow My Mind”.

Get the Audio here / Video & lyrics here

Written by Akonedo ‘Jefak’ Jeffrey


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