Nigerian Actor Names His Twins; Hollywood & Nollywood

Date 2014-06-12

Category Gist & Gossip

Mr. Ogedengbe says his children are the first to bear these names.
A Nollywood actor, Femi Ogedengbe, who welcomed twins, a boy and a girl, on May 27, has named the girl, Nollywood, and the boy, Hollywood.
Mr. Ogedengbe announced the unusual names of his children on Facebook on Friday.
“ I and my sweet wife, Nkechi Diane Ogedegbe (sic) bless God for the successful naming ceremony of our twins who arrived at exactly 8:15 pm (Girl) & 8:20 pm (Boy) Tuesday, 27 May, 2014 missing Sharon (their) sister’s ( who was born at 1:28 am on 5th May 2010 ) birthday by 25 days,” he wrote.
After thanking family and friends, he went on to reveal all the names of his twins, acknowledging the uniqueness of two in particular, “For those who care to know our children (were) named , Girl : Queen Grace Michelle Chimamaka ( my God is good) Jesuomeh (My Jesus) Peculia Victoria & Nollywood (Our girl is the first to be so named. Pls note). The boy: King Praise Micheal Tochukwu (Praise GOD) Jesuogbo (Thank you Jesus) Timothy Victor & Hollywood (Our boy is first to be so named at least in Nigeria).”
Mr. Ogedengbe, probably anticipating the uproar that will follow the announcement of the unique names, covered them with the blood of Jesus and wished positive achievements for his children.
The actor, whose movie credits include, The Succubus and The Cat, joins a host of celebrities who bestow their children with unusual names including Mercy Johnson, who named her first daughter, Purity.
Other “strange” celebrity baby names include, Pilot Inspektor – son of Hollywood Actor, Jason Lee; Bronx Mowgli – son of singer, Ashlee Simpson; and Bear Winslet – son of Kate Winslet.


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