Nigerian Musician JayDaGRT Aims for Collaboration with Burna Boy

Date 2024-03-24

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Joel Akpede Oghenemaro, professionally known as JayDaGRT, has expressed his aspiration to collaborate with Burna Boy, highlighting the Afrobeat superstar as the key figure to fulfill his musical ambitions.

For JayDaGRT, music has been an intrinsic aspect of his life journey, serving as a source of solace and inspiration during challenging times. Reflecting on his path, he shared, “Ever since I was a child, music has been my companion through tough times. Now, I aim to use my own music to guide and support others facing similar struggles.”

The self-taught musician, known for his dedication and perseverance, emphasized the significance of his musical journey. “I have released an EP titled ‘LIFE,’ featuring four songs that delve into my personal encounters with life’s obstacles and triumphs,” he explained. “My goal is to offer solace and understanding to those who may feel alone in their struggles.” JayDaGRT’s musical odyssey began with humble origins, as he recounted, “I saved up funds from my work as a palm oil marketer for Okomu Palm Oil to finance my first song.” Despite having no prior collaborations, he harbors a profound desire to collaborate with Burna Boy,
envisioning a collaboration produced by JAE5 as the epitome of his musical aspirations.

Speaking about his creative process, JayDaGRT provided insight into his approach, stating, “I clear my mind of all distractions and allow the melody of the beat to envelop me entirely. Then, I pour my heart into the music, channeling my emotions and experiences into every lyric and note.”

With his unwavering dedication and heartfelt compositions, JayDaGRT aims to carve a niche in the music industry, touching the lives of listeners and aspiring artists alike. As he continues to pursue his dreams, his eyes remain set on a potential collaboration with Burna Boy, a testament
to his ambition and reverence for the Afrobeat genre.

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