Nivea Yabs Christina Milian over The Dream and Lil Wayne

Date 2014-08-18

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Christina Milian must really like singer Nivea’s leftovers, because not only did she marry Nivea’s ex-husband, The Dream, and have a baby by him, she’s now dating Nivea’s ex, Lil Wayne.
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Nivea took to social media to slam Christina for having a baby by The Dream (Nivea and The Dream have three kids together) and turning around and dating Lil Wayne, despite the fact that Nivea also has a baby by Lil Wayne making Christina and Nivea’s children half siblings.

When fans tried to drag Niv for putting Christina on blast, Nivea explained her position. (above). And I kinda agree with her. This will be so confusing to the kids. Imagine if Christina and Lil Wayne were to have a child together.

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Earlier this week Nivea posted a clip from a two-year-old interview her ex-husband Dream did with VladTV where the issue of Dream’s other ex-wife, Christina Millian, not being concerned about Nivea having babies with both Dream and Lil Wayne, came up.

Nivea captioned the clip, ‘Hmmmm…Drops the Mic…She’s a #Scarecrow. 


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