Photo: Rapist Almost Lynched In LAUTECH

In recent times, the crime rate at Ogbomoso, Oyo State has become inordinately high.

And this is more so the case in areas where the student populace of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Akure (LAUTECH) reside.

With reports of theft, burglary, assault and r**e, among other vices on the rise, the students of the institution residing at Adenike area again rose to an uproar on September 6, as one of the notorious armed robbers-c*m-r****t was finally caught in the act.

Minimal violence ensued as the intended victims called the Students’ Union leadership and handed the criminal over to them.

The Speaker of the Students Representative Council, Olalekan Salami, alongside other members of the House, took the criminal in the Unions’ bus, but unfortunately, on their way to the Police Station, the bus was involved in a mysterious accident, leaving a severe injury on Olalekan and 14 other persons in the bus with the exception of the criminal, Segun (last name withheld).

This accident further enraged the already pensive students as they promptly descended on the thief, stripped him n***d and beat him severely.

The police, prior to this time had already been summoned, so the students’ protest was halted at Orita Naira, where the Police Force demanded that the criminal be released to them.

The Students’ Union President, Areo Ajibola and the student leader, Bolarinwa Sheriffdeen, reacting on behalf of the entire students, refused to release him.

The school authorities’ representatives present at the scene; Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Timothy Adebayo, Dean of Students’ Affairs, Dr Tunde Olabiyisi and Deputy Dean of Students’ Affairs, Dr Ishola, aided in calming down the students.

After much deliberations among the police force, the school authorities, the student leaders and the aggrieved town people, Segun was released on the agreement that he would be taken to Souns’ palace.

However, a police barricade at Iyana Owode, obstructed and redirected the protestants from their initial destination to the Ogbomoso Police Station.

Upon arrival at the police station, only Segun, Professor Adebayo, Dr Olabiyisi, Dr Ishola, Areo, Sheriffdeen, and two National Union of Campus Journalists members were allowed entrance into the police grounds.

After a lengthy meeting, the Area Commander and the District Police Officer assured the student leaders of justice and maximum security for the school and the town as a whole henceforth.

Culled From: TRIBUNE

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