Quilly – Top Carrier (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2020-05-27

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Quilly Top Carrier

Quilly Top Carrier

Even when Meek Mill is doing his thing, he manages to find himself in the middle of a feud for some reason. Most recently, the Philadelphia rapper has been in a bit of a back-and-forth with Quilly, another Philly artist. Though the two at one point got along quite fine, Meek ultimately shared DM’s yesterday revealing that Quilly, who recently has been going at him, was once in full support of the Dream Chasers movement as recent as Championships.

Quilly – Top Carrier


Yes sir (Ah)
You understand me? (Turn me up, turn me up, I got ’em)

Quilly keep gettin’ better and better (I am)
In my prime, bitch, I feel like Mayweather
I ain’t battlin’ wit’ Conor McGregor (I’m not)
Runnin’ shit, Quilly Nebuchadnezzar (Hahaha)
Think they fuckin’ wit’ me, they could never (Never)
Niggas light, I’m too witty and clever (I’m smart)
Wrote this shit with some ink and a feather
Wrote this shit in the back of the Tesla
How the fuck I’ma battle a wrestler? (How?)
But it’s cool, he gon’ leave on a stretcher (Stretcher)
Don’t be comin’ for me Uncle Fester
Type of bitches I fuck, you could never
These Amiri, professional dresser
Half a brick and some ice in my dresser
I be doin’ the most, not the lesser (Check)
My phone rockin’ and rollin’ off hard
Chasin’ [?] but they be dancin’ wit’ stars (Oh)
Holdin’ dick and jugglin’ balls
[?] they softer than Chico DeBarge
Glizzy on me, I’m takin’ the charge (Ah)
How you go from Minaj to Milano? (Dummy)
Homicide, niggas die by McDonald’s (Die)
Martin Luther Meek, Ronald McDonald
Farrakhan when I solve all the problems (He a turkey)
Nelson Mandela, panic and watch ’em
We was outside an old smelly condo
My young boy had to rock it like Rondo
We will beat down your block like a congo (You know that)
Where the fuck is [?] when you need him?
They gon’ have to team up to defeat ’em
Only wanted me, they got a three ’em
If Meek don’t wanna ball, who gon’ DM?
How the sin of city, niggas know that
Put some red on your body like Kodak
Randall Cunningham, cock it and throw that
We ain’t got no revolvers like kojack
Weak Maleek, the whole South Philly know that
Bitch, my block and my body, you know that
I was all down the [?], you know that
You was never uptown and you know that (Facts)
Can’t come around, you a target out here
I play the field like a garden out here
Most of your people still starvin’ out here
Quilly went Marvin, a martian out here
I’m in machines, ain’t no walkin’ out here (Not at all)
Yeah, how you catchin’ these bullets like Julio?
Drinkin’ TEC, what the fuck is Don Julio?
Suckin’ dick, you don’t even know who to know blow
Niggas had the frog eyes in the studio (Bitchin’)
Fried like the pack right now
Quilly on fire, we’re on set right now
But I got cuh smokin’ on packs right now (Oh)
My flow on a whole ‘nother echelon (Turn it up)
[?] don’t fall like a leprechaun
Juicy went and signed Ab, you ain’t let him shine
We could talk ’bout some shit, fuck it, never mind
Bitch, you trendin’ all over America (America)
When it come to Philly, I’ma carrier (Carrier)
Bring ’em all, you know the more the merrier
Spinnin’ blocks with Ciroc to a terrier
Shakin’ and lockin’ on niggas (Lockin’)
Yeah, you big but I’m Pac to these niggas
I’m on go, I ain’t stoppin’ on niggas
This like a rerun, I’m pop-lockin’ on niggas (Pop-lockin’ on niggas)

Hear that? He still was poppin’ his shit
He still was talkin’ his shit
He still was poppin’ out
He still was slidin’
He still was doin’ him
We never expected him to be a killer
All we expected from Quilly was to be a talented fucker, rapper, bro

Ayy, cuz, what the fuck?
Ayy, cuz, put your cuz on, man
You got O’Melly ridin’ round in scat packs man?
You ain’t even O’Smelly no more, nigga, you Mr. Scat Pack, nigga, huh
We’re fully loaded over here, nigga, vroom
Hahaha, you heard that shit, nigga, vroom
We fully loaded, nigg, you Mr. Scat Pack, nigga, huh
Lookin’ angry all day, nigga
Ain’t y’all rich, nigga, why the fuck you lookin’ angry, nigga?
Angry bird, nigga, smile, hahahaha
I been off you niggas, y’all niggas a joke, aha
Ahh, y’all niggas sick
Y’all gotta do somethin’ now though, ha
All that “Shoot ’em up” shit y’all be talkin’ ha
Huh? Pop out nigga
I’on wanna hear that rich shit, nigga
Nigga, we in the trenches, nigga
[?] that rich shit, nigga, ahh
You niggas mad, y’all big mad
Put your hype man on, he lookin’ bad
O’Smelly, you better not get evicted neither, nigga
That’s ya last eviction notice too, on that situation too
I know where you at, nigga
We pulled up, we outside, nigga, pop out
Y’all niggas-, I’m givin’ y’all niggas culture
Y’all niggas sound like Quilly
Y’all try and dress like Quilly
Rap like Quilly, or tryin’ to, hahaha
Step it the fuck up

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