Revealed! Read what really killed Shuaibu Amodu

Following the recent passing of the former Super Eagles coach Amodu Shuaibu, the real cause of his death may have been revealed.


Reports have emerged as to what may haveled to the death of one of Nigeria’s prominent football coaches.

Amodu Shuaibu who died in the early hours of Saturday, June 11, was said to have died inhis sleep after complaining of chest pains the previous night.

Following his passing, one of his cousins, a legal practitioner identified as Ankari Afegbua who claimed to have been with him throughout Friday, said he believed Amodu died out of frustration as a result of outstanding debts being owed him by the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) and the Edo state government.


Speaking after the burial (the ex coach was buried on the same day according to Islamic rites) Afegbua had this to say:

“Apart from that pain he said he had on his chest, he was okay only for us to wake him up this morning to do the normal fasting and he was met dead, I think he died out of frustration because his financial status was not okay.

“He was complaining of not being paid and he was having difficulties to maintain himself and his immediate family. I think the purpose of his being in Benin was to put up a bill for his payment. He is being owed by NFF and the Edo state government.”

Afegbua went on to say Amodu must have known he was going to die soon, as the last conversation he had with him largely consisted of mentions of funeral rites of a proper Muslim:

“While talking yesterday, he was talking about how a Muslim should live his or her life and how he should be buried. He is a true Muslim. He believed in Islamic faith and that is why we said we will not leave him in the mortuary because by Islamic faith, you are not expected to be embalmed or be put in the mortuary.”



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