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Mpmania Mix 39

Rita Ora’s Cray Color Palette Sundress Might Just Drive You Crazy : Celeb Crayitivity

It sort of looks like Rita Ora sat on a child’s watercolor set…100 or so times.

This springy Chanel look certainly packs a color punch, but we can’t decide if the rainbow of primary patches is too dizzying all lined up together. If we squint our eyes it looks like a mad painter’s work, but when we open them wide it looks like the craziest bathroom tile job of all time!
But bottom line, this fit is absolute perfection.

The “I Will Never Let You Down” singer looks like a classic ballerina in a vintage frock, floating around a fabulous spring soiree. The one shoulder cut is unique and yet still has a classic feel. Plus, that wide waist band is doing insane things for the British beauty’s body.

So we’re willing to forgive a little color madness considering how impeccable the shape sits on this pop star. What’s your take on the bold Chanel choice?

Plus her shoes are super lovely!

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