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Mpmania Mix 39

See how Freeze Blasted Pastor Iginla over Birthday gifts


Below is what Freeze wrote about the birthday gifts….

“How long are Nigerians going to continue being enslaved, under the grossly misinterpreted shackles, of 1st Chronicles chapter 16 verse 22 That states:

“[22] Saying , Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm”?

“What is the biblical justification for giving out 32 cars, which in my humble opinion, is such a mentally impoverished act, in a country recently accused of being ‘fantastically corrupt’? The big question is, why did he give the bulk of the SUVs to Nollywood actors and celebrities? Really???

“In a time when the people who probably provided the funds for this vulgar largesse, by bringing their first fruits to the church in the form of tithe and offering, can barely feed themselves and their families? Thankfully, I was in church last Sunday, listening to Pastor Tony Rapu, when he said that people should be careful not to allow men of God lead them away from God, because I was almost certainly going to stop attending church services due to a nasty experience I had with one of my previous pastors, who conducted a marriage ceremony for one of my friend’s estranged husbands, who was still married to her at that time of his new and 3rd wedding, without as much as filing for a divorce from her.

“As I write this, he hasn’t made a move to get a divorce from his last wife, yet he is ‘happily married’ to a new one. In short, the pastor conducted a polygamous wedding, and I am supposed to iron my clothes and wear my shoes and go there every Sunday to fall under his anointing?The bible says judge no one and I won’t judge however, the bible also says in the book of 1st Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 21

“[21] Prove all things; hold fast that which is good”.

“According to my personal experience, the pastor that conducted a polygamous marriage was neither proven nor good for my spiritual growth. The same applies to the other one, who gave out luxury cars to celebrities.

“This was why I reasoned with El Rufai, when he suggested a board be set up, to regulate religious activities, as these folks can dangerously manipulate the minds of their followers.

Besides, less religious countries like Sweden or Germany are much better places than Nigeria, so who religion ep?”

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