Shocking: Fans Blast Iyanya’s ‘Abnormal’ Biceps Pics After Posting It On Social Media

His fans reacted to this picture

Iyanya is no doubt one of Nigeria’s Se.xiest Men but when he posted this picture on Instagram, Tuesday morning, all hell let loose.

The “Mr. Oreo” singer perhaps was trying to show off his ‘se.xiness’ including his huge arms and ‘useful’ tongue to his 555,800 fans on Twitter and Instagram but fans didn’t really quite get the drift.

His post has had close to 2999 likes so far and more than 10 comments with most of them throwing heavy shade on the singer’s ‘se.xy selfie’ attempt.

One fan wrote: “U be wrestler bros?”

Another wrote: “Ur tongue stays in ur mouth! #concernedfan#”

Another fan says: “Goodness! Veins

Here’s another fan: “On testosterone?”

Another says: “I bet u knew exactly wht u wre doing when u took this pic and knowin d effect is gonna ve on ya lady fans out hea! Buh that’s none of my biz! #se.xy”

And so on….do you guys think there is anything wrong with the pics?

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