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Singer, Omah Lay Reveals Sleeping With His Therapist Worsen His Depression

Popular Nigerian singer, Omah Lay, has disclosed that he got depressed after he finished recording his single, Boy Alone and his depression worsened after he slept with his therapist.

In a series of tweets on his handle on Monday, Omah Lay said, “Boy Alone might be the last time you all will hear me cry on a song. I was down, insecure, scared, depressed, and losing my mind.”

Omah Lay added that at a point, some people he looked up to stopped showing him love and all he saw in their eyes were doubts, disrespect, and hate.

“My depression became worse after I kn*cked my therapist,” he also tweeted.

Omah Lay dropped his debut album, Boy Alone, on Friday.

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