Stroke Hits Popular Nollywood Actor in Lagos

Date 2015-08-27

Category Gist & Gossip

Just some years back, he was one of Nigeria’s finest actors with expert delivery of lines and character. There was no film worth a mention at that time that Ernest wasn’t featured. He was a darling to many Nigeria’s movie viewers until he disappeared from the screens and for a long time, nothing was heard of him.
He also enjoyed a strong relationship with another actress, Obot Etuk at the time to the extent that Ernest moved in to live with Etuk in her Okota, Lagos house. Anyway, that was way back. For those who have been asking questions on the whereabouts of Ernest, news of his present position may not interest his fans.
This is because Ernest cuts a pitiable sight right now as he is said to be suffering for stroke which has taken over almost half of his body. Ernest told a national newspaper recently that he has been down with stroke and was even admitted to the hospital as a result.
However, in his characteristic manner, Ernest was quick to blame someone else for his predicament, the Nollywood industry and AGN President, Ibinabo Fiberesima.

According to him, “I was in LASUTH for 2 months, 3 days and for that long, nobody from Nollywood, not even Ibinabo visited me. And she heard that I was admitted there. My friends told her that I was down with stroke and she pretended as if she didn’t hear.

I am a human being too. I am limping right now because I have stroke and my people don’t care. I’m limping because the industry is already messed up. A few weeks ago, He was spotted on Samuel Ekunola Street, along Ago Palace Way, what we saw was baffling.

The once upon a time actor struggled to walk and he looked a pale shadow of his old self. Although, he could still talk, he nonetheless struggled to make use of his whole body.

When we probed further, it was gathered that Ernest had come to visit an Uncle of his who had just passed on in the area. On enquiry, a source said that Ernest is a regular visitor to the house even before the Uncle died.
The source added that Ernest had been in that condition for months and that people who know him are as surprised as anyone else on the change in his health condition


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