Tonto Dikeh alleges plans of hitman hired to kill her

has raised an alarm about a ‘talkative’ , who sent her threatening notes, asking for ‘bitcoin’ payoff to avoid killing her.

She also published the name of the would-be assassin, one David Hernandez, which we bet may be a false name as it doesn’t sound Nigerian.

The controversial 34-year-old Nollywood actress sounded the alarm about the hitman on her Instagram page, with the ‘assassin’ threatening she has two days more to live, if she fails to pay the 0.5bitcoin.

The e-mail was sent 22 July. Tonto shared the message on 2 August, meaning as one of her fans said, that the ‘assassin’, may just be a scammer, just trying to extort money from her.

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“It’s never really rosy for people as it seems on social media” – Tonto Dikeh

"It’s never really rosy for people as it seems on social media" - Tonto Dikeh


Tonto is not dismissing the threat.

She wrote:

This assassin talks way too much…But you can be sure of ONE THING I will get you…#I promise you this will be your last email #I will get you and make you pay for stressing me by reading this shit”, tagging @nigerianpolice @aishambuhari @muhammadubuhari.

Read the assassin’s message to Tonto:



(PM News)


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