Wendy Williams won’t stay together with her next husband

Date 2019-09-13

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American television and media personality, Wendy Williams has said she is ready to settle down again but she and her next husband won’t be living in the same house.

The Wendy Williams Show host who filed for divorce from her estranged husband of 20-years Kevin Hunter, Sr. after his alleged mistress had his child earlier this year, made this known while speaking recently on Dr. Mehmet Oz daytime talk show.

She said, “I say this all the time … I’m a wife. I’m not a girlfriend and I will get married again. There will be a prenuptial agreement, and by the way, Mehmet, we will not be living in the same house.”

She added that it would be a “marriage under new circumstances … “

She explained,“…Like, ‘All right. Let’s stay at your place tonight. Let’s stay at my place tonight … But … you buy the third place. How about that?’?”

Williams also clears ideas of the kind of man she’s interested in, adding, “I need a man with a full career and his own money and his own situation. I don’t want anything from you except for your love and respect. And don’t ask anything of me.”

The outspoken host and former radio DJ has been candid about her ideas for a man, in terms of age, “The youngest would be, like, 48. The oldest would be 65.”

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