Yemi Alade reveals why female artistes should be encouraged

Date 2022-07-30

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Popular singer, Yemi Alade, has said more attentive efforts should be put into motivating female artistes.

In a talk with Saturday Beats, Yemi said,

“I know society favours the male child in places like Africa but that has never stopped me.

“The media also has a significant role to play and should consciously make efforts to support female musicians and give them the platforms and exposure they deserve.

“Even the questions asked can be phrased differently. Instead of always asking what the difficulties are and doing nothing about them, they can ask how they can help. Females need a level playing ground, instead of always having to prove themselves. We actually need that kind of support from the media.”

Yemi, who newly published a new song titled, ‘Begging’, indicated that it was inspired by love.

She said,

“My new single is about seeking the love that one deserves and maintaining one’s standards until one finds a love that gives as much as it takes.”

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