Yvonne Nelson educates Efia Odo on God’s existence

Ghanaian actress,  has schooled fellow Ghanaian actress  on the existence of . She gave the education on Twitter after Efia expressed her doubts about the Christian faith.

Image result for Yvonne Nelson educates Efia Odo on why she should respect and believe in God’s existence

Efia Odo had not long ago, questioned the concept of God placing the tree which had the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil within the reach of man, which she says makes no sense to her.

Yvonne Nelson educates Efia Odo

In her own words,

“If God didn’t want us to eat the apple from that tree, then why did He put the tree there in the first place?

Pastor -to test my faith.

So would u put fire by an innocent child and tell them not to touch it, stand afar and say you’re testing their faith?”, Efia Odo wrote.


Yvonne Nelson educates Efia Odo

In reaction to Efia’s stance, Yvonne Nelson explained that God’s existence is real as she’s felt Him before. She wrote,

“His ways arent our ways. We will never understand HIM, He made us and gave us a simple command, but we failed Him. We are only human. He understands..He loves us daily still. In all our sins and dirt! Chaa, Hes real ooo. Its all real. Ive felt Him so i know!”

(Yabaleft Online)


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