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IJGB Wumziee Conquers Nigeria In 21 Days | (Watch How)

There is this impression people in Lagos mist especially have about London people that come back for Christmas that they bring a lot of goodies and they come and enjoy, some (guys) still the babes of Lagos boy, some ladies use “phonetics “ to scrape the heads of Lagos big boys among other things. The case is slightly different for ‘Wunmi Sonibare aka Wumziee.

The Oyo state born London based lifestyle blogger, traveler and actress had a mission coming to Nigeria and she sure made it happen.

On meeting the ebony, lively and active vlogger, the chat below ensued and it was obvious that she was hungry ; not for food but for success in her lines of work.


Entdetective: When asked why she moved back to Nigeria after 12 years living and studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Hull, she said


Wumziee- I decided to move back to Nigeria for my youth service and the experience was a mixture of pain and pleasure. I honestly really suffered, I was mentally shocked but I’m very proud of myself for surviving and very grateful because this experience changed my life positively, I believe I have a purpose now.

After my youth service I ran back to the Uk, however, after a few months I started to miss Nigeria so I came back for Christmas and my experience this time around was gold. I absolutely loved it.

Entdetective– What are your hobbies?

Wumziee- I love touching scary animals, I love trying new food and I’m obsessed with recording myself having fun. I’m interested in black consciousness and empowerment, I sometimes feel lost so I try to find out more about myself by learning about Yoruba culture and Nigeria history.

Entdetective– So What are your plans with the projects and initiatives you have?

Wumziee- I’ll love to travel around the world, and I want to identify the similarities and differences between my culture and others. I just want to be inspired by the world. Likewise, I want to show off Nigeria to the rest world.!What are the expectations after this place.


Wumziee- Expect me to introduce you to new experiences and having a great time.


So in 21 days, Wumziee broke the limits by connecting the dots towards achieving her goals like meeting new people in one production space which birthed her self first ever produced movie, networking with key industry players and most of all get closer to the “street”.

We look forward to seeing big manifestation of Wumziee in 2020.

Connect with Wumziee on:

Instagram – @wimzieee

YouTube- wumziee

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