Nollywood’s Bolanle Ninalowo celebrates 10 years of relocating

Actor is celebrating 10 years of relocating back to .


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Writing on social media, the actor said;

”10yrs ago today i packed it up and relocated to 🇳🇬. I prayed, I cried, I fought and I NEVER gave up!

I even knew nothing about the craft in which i am celebrated today, all i did was keep faith, and
submitted myself to my dreams which i sewed to the very fibers of my existence and humbled myself to start again! To be a learner and beginner and here i am 5yrs after i embarked on the Nollywood journey to self discovery. Continue…

The past two years has been the best of my 10yr recall with enormous blessings and possibilities but thats just the 2 of the 10yrs i celebrate today!

Well i celebrate the prior 8yrs with great gratitude as those were the years i was perceived as failure! Little did they know, i was only failing forward! The seeds of my success are buried in my failures which is why those years of adversities remain my most cherished

I am thankful to God for Grace and to you for your continued love & support! May his grace never cease from you & i! I am grateful to YOU
Only God is King

#NeverUnderEstimateAManWhoPraysAndWorksHARD #NeverUnderEstimateAManWhoBelievesInHimself #NeverUnderEstimateAMakanakian

#GodWin #OnlyGodIsKing #PowerBelongsToGodAlone”


(Ladun Liadi)

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