Runtown reacts to NAFDAC’s ‘Sniper’ ban

has reacted to the of by the National Food and Drug Administration Control, () to reduce the rate of which people are using it to commit suicide.

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A few days ago, news broke out that NAFDAC is planning to ban Sniper in order to curb the increasing suicide rate in the country.

Dr Husman Bukar, the Director of NAFDAC said the decision was coming at a time when new herbicides that were safer and environmentally-friendly were being registered in Nigeria.

Reacting to the proposed ban, Runtown said it only tackles how people commit suicide not why people commit suicide.

He further told the agency to focus on the reason why people commit suicide. He tweeted;

Banning Sniper only tackles HOW people commit suicide not WHY people commit suicide.

It’s like going to dry up the Lagos Lagoon because people use it as a tool for committing suicide. To truly curb this epidemic, we must focus on the reason WHY people do it.

(Information NG)

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