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Senator Dino Melaye remixes His song, thrills at AY Comedy Show

Senator Dino Melaye featured as one of the surprise comedians/entertainers at the recent comedy show organised by comedian, AY, tagged AY-Live.

Video: Dino Melaye thrills at AY Comedy Show, releases song remix

Melaye was accosted by AY himself during the show and asked to sing one of his many popular taunt songs which he uses to mock his political enemies.

The senator in his usual outspoken character took the microphone,  and thrilled both organisers and attendees when he performed a remix of his popular Yoruba song ‘Ajeku iya ni o je’.

Rather than the usual genre with which he sang the original song, the dramatic Senator thrilled the audience with a choral rendition of the remix.

His performance got him resounding applause from the crowd who were laughing all through his funny musical ‘interlude’.

Below is the video as posted on the yet-to-be verified twitter handle of the senator:

The words of the song goes:

Ajeku iya ni o je,
Ajeku iya ni o je,
Eni ti o t’oni na, to nd’ena deni;
Ajeku iya ni o je.

It is directly translated to mean:

You’ll receive the beating of your life,
You’ll receive the beating of your life,
When you ambush a man who’s more powerful than you;
You’ll receive the beating of your life

The organiser, AY, who probably intended to make fun of Dino Melaye retorted after the senator’s choral performance: ‘Dino to cook you go hard o!’, implying that the senator was not easy to handle.

Senator Dino Melaye became more popular in the 8th Senate, being a hard-line supporter of Senate President Bukola Saraki and a major critic of President Muhammadu Buhari and his state governor Yahaya Bello.

Melaye had backed Saraki in winning the presidency of the Senate against the wishes of their former part the APC and went on to support him throughout his travails.

It was not long before Melaye had problems of his own: first was a move to recall the Kogi West Senator. The recall process believed by many to be sponsored by the Kogi governor came to a near-success before crumbling in failure.

During and after the recall process and other problems which the senator faced, he always had time to release one music video after another with one of the recent being “Oh my home“, when he dumped the APC for the PDP.

Senator Dino Melaye faced a myriad of problems, many of which resulted in him being arrested, usually amid the drama.

Whether the many allegations against the Senator are true or false is yet to be proven, but the senator who against all odds won a return ticket for the 9th Assembly gained so much popularity with the drama that ensues anytime is to be arrested of arrested.

One time he was accused of escaping through the window of a moving police van, another time he was said to have climbed a tree for three day, yet again he was rushed to the hospital as he supposedly went unconscious after being arrested and most recently, the Senator kept security operatives laid siege for him in his house for days before he was arrested.

The drama by the senator gained him a lot of popularity even among comedians who usually make fun of his tree-climbing escapade among others.



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