Yul Edochie becomes Ambassador to Citizen Journalists Network (CJN)

Date 2019-07-17

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Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has emerged brand Ambassador for a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Citizen Journalists Network (CJN).

The President of CJN, Mr Michael Edem-Duke, who made the disclosure on Tuesday in Lagos, said his unveiling held on July 7, in Enugu.

Edem-Duke said that the NGO was a humanitarian community of regular citizens given to the investigation of sustainable solutions to social-welfare challenges for people.

He said this was by giving ordinary citizens a platform to tell their own stories and advocate for their own kind of solutions.

“Yul Edochie has officially signed on the project as our ambassador after a two-day meeting which ended on July 7, in Enugu.

“This move will make Yul work with me on the project for the next one year. In the coming weeks, CJN will be unveiling other ambassadors also given to the vision,” he said in a statement.

Edem-Duke said that the NGO had introduced another humanitarian initiative called “Brother’s Keeper”.

“Brother’s Keeper is the first-ever national humanitarian competition where participants embark on a task to impact lives and develop their local communities for the chance to win a personal grand prize of N5 million.

“The winners will also be rewarded with resources to establish a major community project to meet the needs of their localities.

Yul Edochie and Mr Michael Edem-Duke, President, Citizen Journalists Network

“They will be scored by their ability to initiate campaigns that improve the lives of people which does not have to be a big or genius idea but as long as it can impact lives.

“This is the first-ever competition where participants are rewarded for their contributions in giving back to the society and judged squarely by their passion for humanity,” he said.

Edem-Duke said that the non-governmental organisation was ready to welcome volunteers, new team members and partner other stakeholders on Brother’s Keeper.


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