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Tony Miles, last year’s WSOP Main Event finalist Tony Miles decided to conquer the popular TV show and make money betting with Shaun Deeb. The first attempt turned out to be unsuccessful.

The weird betting was made by two well-known American poker players – Shaun Deeb and Tony Miles. Tony, who got to the heads-up of the Main Event of the WSOP World Series in Las Vegas last year, made up his mind to go the way of the ninja and become the winner of the popular American Ninja Warrior TV show and earn good money at the same time. You can also take part via btc gambling

Under the terms of the dispute, Shaun provided Tony with three chances to become the best on the TV show. For every attempt, Miles should have put $ 5,000, with the diving coefficient. The debaters estimated the first attempt at 25 to 1, the second at 20 to 1, and the third at 15 to 1.

Recently, Tony managed to get to the show and even cope with two tests, but the third one failed him. In the third test, he was expected to keep his balance (the show participants have to show miracles of endurance and agility just like a real ninja).

Thus, Shaun earned the first $ 5,000. As for Tony, he’s still optimistic. “I have two more attempts, and I will prove that I can be the best,” he says.

By the way, on the current World Series Tony has already reached the prizes twice. What’s more, the overall number of prizes for his career surpassed $ 5,000,000. However, he received the bulk of them last year, grasping the second place in the Main Event.

As for Deeb, he was also good at the current WSOP. Shaun already boasts four hits in the prize zone, including one finalу in the Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship with a $ 10,000 buy-in. There the American managed to take the ninth place, getting almost $ 35,000. By the way, the previous year Shaun became the WSOP Player of the Year!

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