Ivorian Doll – Daily Duppy (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Ivorian Doll - Daily Duppy (prod. MadaraBeatz, KidSpyral & JayBenJay)

Ivorian Doll – Daily Duppy”. Listen, stream, watch video, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by MadaraBeatz, KidSpyral & JayBenJay.

Ivorian Doll Daily Duppy
Ivorian Doll Daily Duppy

Ivorian Doll has been talkin’ big shit but unlike her naysayers, she could back it up. The rising UK rapper found her footing through Instagram before releasing her first single, “Queen Of Drill” that introduced the world to the next star to come out of the UK. It’s only been a few months since she’s gained recognition musically but she’s making major moves, recently landing a turn on GRMDaily’s “Daily Duppy” freestyle series where she backed up the chatter about being the “Queen Of Drill.” Haunting guitar loops before the beat drops and Ivorian Doll gets busy, addressing her former collaborator Abigail Asante who she previously formed a duo with before splitting up. And while that’s one of the more notable individuals she addresses, Ivorian Doll silences the naysayers with a statistical breakdown of hot poppin’ she is right now.

Ivorian Doll – Daily Duppy (prod. MadaraBeatz, KidSpyral & JayBenJay)

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(It’s MadaraBeatz)
(JayBenJay productions)
(Turn me up, KidSpyral)

[Verse 1]
Picked up a pen in December
’018, the date to remember
Young black queen in the ends
A former member thinks I resent her
Couldn’t take I’m attention centre
Snake, pretender, got spun in a blender
Twitter and a YouTube trender
So you still talk my name when I left ya
Had to done that duo
I think you know, cut that evil eye
See how I kicked off, 2-0
Big boss Hugo, Sag, no Gemini
Ten second clip to a milli’ in a month
Balmain drip to my Jordan 1’s
Puttin’ those rumours to bed, now they all are done
Once chance to be my toy-boy
If I dig your D then I might woi-oi
‘Cause the Insta die, then so would your career
You’d be the first to be unemployed (Hurt bitches)
How many speeches you gon’ do?
You shoulda stopped at number two
Screaming my name when I don’t know you
This bitch is a dog, I’ma leash her too
Look at the hair, look at the nails, look at the drip (Drip)
Look at the views, look at the plaques, look at the hits (Hits)
You see me shine, I’m on my grind, look at the pics (Pics)
About to blow, rocking Off-White, I ain’t talkin’ bricks
Snatch wig back like a Lambo roof
Make gyal disappear like, “Where she?”, poof
And your bredrin too, if I see that wretch, she can get three, two, yeah, you, yeah, you
Backup dancer, yeah, you, yeah, you
Sideman, yeah, you, yeah, you
Oh, Vanessa, where you? Where you?
On your TV screen and your radios too
Only started, game got clarted, highly regarded (‘garded)
I’m hittin’ targets, labels calling, I’m on the market (Market)
Expensive carpet in my apartment, look, I’ma starlet (Starlet)
Four-door, skrrt and park it, all of this ice, I come like the Arctic

I set a trend, you follow on
On to the next, you hopping on
They say I flex, none of them wrong
Just got a crib off one of my songs
I set a trend, you follow on
On to the next, you hopping on
They say I flex, none of them wrong
Just got a crib off one of my songs

[Verse 2]
I push buttons like type and stuff
Rose gold chain with a diamond clutch
All white whip, cocaine coloured Pyrex stuff
We make money, we make moves
Bro got locked, come home soon
Clock hit noon, gun go “Boom”
Face in a box, this ain’t Zoom
Rise at moon (Ha)
Wrist on freeze, burr, Gucci fur
Money goes out, more goes in
My bank account twerking
I’m just workin’, haters lurking
Somethin’ get drawn on an opp, it’s curtains
I got the game in the bag, it’s Birkin
Listen up, true say, I give sermons, ayy
It’s Daily Duppy, that’s bars on bars
IVD, shoot straight for the stars
Look at the galaxy, I’m on Mars
If I whisper once, then the mandem charge
No more snickers, no more laugh
That’s my jigga, he’s on task
Wray and his nephew both take part
When the liquor shot, leave a Maker’s Mark
I said what I said, I ain’t saying no more
Packed my bags, 2021, I’m going on tour (Queen, hahahaha)

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