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Landlord in Sango Ota Loses Manhood After Giving N700 to Stranger

shock Landlord in Sango Ota Loses Manhood After Giving N700 to Stranger

"Tragedy struck over the weekend along Liberty Road, Igbala area of Sango Ota, Ogun State, when a landlord in the area suddenly discovered that his manhood went missing after assisting a young man in his mid-twenties financially."

Narrating his experience, the landlord said, “He looked desperate and pitiful. He said he needed N700 to get a particular drug for his sick mother, though I have never seen him but his pleas really moved me. He said he dropped his last kobo on the lunch he bought for his sick mother and out of pity, I brought out N700 and gave him but immediately I felt something hit me.”

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He further stated that the young man thanked him and then received a call which he said “It was successful this time,” just then the landlord realized that his manhood has disappeared.
“I couldn’t feel it, i didn’t understand what was happening but when I heard him talking on phone, I ran after him and held onto him and shouted and with the help of youths and passers-by, we caught him and brought him here to the police station, he must restore my manhood if not he will not leave here alive,” the landlord said.

An eyewitness who resides in the area said “It is not his first time, about this time last week, this man asked me for exactly N700 to get drugs for his mum, exactly the same story but God saved me from giving him the money because I didn’t have any to give actually, he was really convincing and looked so innocent”

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The alarm raised by the victim was said to have led to the suspect been caught and handed over to police officers from Sango Otta Division.
It was gathered that the culprit upon being interrogated by the police at the station, started behaving like a mad man and refused to talk, adding that two of the officers on duty tried calling the last set of phone numbers he called but the numbers where not going through.

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