10 Excuses Nigerian Guys Use To Justify Their Inability To Approach A Lady

Date 2016-05-12


Every guy knows that its not an easy feat to successfully approach and woo a lady. Even the most confident of guys usually need to “gather mor*le” before doing the needful.


This could stem from the fact that you don’t know what the outcome of the action you’re about taking might be.

Another reason is the fear of rejection, nobody wants to feel ridiculed or like a looser sort of. We are all created with a sense of self worth and we crave for respect and regard which is normal.

However, society has made it look like a guy who cannot approach a lady is not a “real man”. Such a guy is mocked by friends, relatives and even the female folk. As a result of this utter mockery and in order to live up to the expectation of the society, guys come up with some funny excuses to defend themselves and also to remove their mind from trying to approach ladies.

Below are some of the excuses guys give themselves and others for their inability to approach women.

1) Naija girls are gold diggers: I’m sure you’ve heard or read many guys make such comments. They be like “Naija girls too like money jare, if you no get money forget am!” The truth is that this is not a valid excuse at all. No matter your level of economic power, there is always a woman out there who will accept you the way you are. you don’t need to have money to find love anywhere, besides I know some really poor guys dating rich chicks and even eating from them sef. What you need more is self confidence and social skills.

2) I Don’t Have Time for Girls Now: I hear this all the time and all I see is a guy who is frustrated about his inability to successfully woo a woman. I mean is there any such thing as a separate time you need to have for a woman? Lolz… Guys please enlighten me on what it means to have time for women. U ask a guy “What of your girlfriend?”. He goes like “Which girlfriend, I don’t have their time oo”. When I hear this I just laugh!

3) Girls are a Distraction: For real? You that has been jobless for 5 years after graduation, how is it a girl’s fault? It is you that is a distraction to yourself not girls. How come all these footballers, musicians, entertainers, bankers, doctors, oil guys that I see change chicks like wrapper don’t get distracted, na u come dey get distracted. My guy forget excuse and do the needful.

4) Women bring Badluck: Lols… I don’t even know what to say about this one. You hear guys say that if you want to make it in life, forget women. Funny thing is, they can’t! The more they try, the more they fail. Men and women have been created to ‘complete’ each other so my guy, unless you’re g*y…..

5) She’s too Pompous/disrespectful: No my guy, you’re too timid, that’s the truth. You have the right to woo any woman you like, she has the right to agree or disagree. Don’t give away your right, exercise it!
Btw, research has shown that ladies who seem too pompous are usually much easier to convince than guys tend to think.

6) I can’t Satisfy her $exually: Most guys won’t voice out this excuse at all, only to very close friends if he’s the very open type. This however is not a valid excuse. How do you know you can’t satisfy her? How do you even know she’s after $ex? Must you Bleep every girl you date? Enough said jareh…

7) I Prefer Foreign Women to Nigerian: All na wash! So of all the millions of women in Naija, you can’t find a suitable one for yourself, na for foreign land you go see am? My guy, your problem no be Naija women, your problem is internal. Search yourself and tell urself the truth!

8) No Responsible Woman Anymore: If I hear! Maybe you want a Mary magdalene or virgin Mary. Guy, if na responsible woman be your excuse, why not enter Deeper life, Jehova Witness, mountain of Fire and the various mosques and look for them? Why look for responsible women at Allen Junction? Mtcheeew…

9) I Prefer to Roll With my Fellow Guys: You be g*y? Yes its good to have a good rapport with fellow guys, to have fun and drink with guys with no chick around once in a while. But my guy don’t use it as an excuse, because very soon those your guys will start asking you to go and look for a chick. They will soon start laughing at you bro.

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