5 ‘Social Media’ mistakes Young Couples make

The use of platforms and applications can help you become closer with your partner, can help you express your undying affection to them and also help you share publicly, how proud you are to have them.

The problem that often arises with the use of social media is knowing where to draw the line. More people in relationships and weddings overuse social media, and often times, this is to the detriment of their relationships.

According to relationship experts on Yourtango, here are the worst, most common mistakes young make on social media:

1. Saying I love you on social media is not the same as saying it in real life. “Holding your [partner] close, gazing into their eyes and saying ‘I love you’” is a lot more powerful than posting it on social media for them to see.

The idea, according to Karen Finn, is that while these posts are cute and romantic, they should never be placed on par with the magic and sweetness of actually saying it to their face.


2. Clayton Olsson says that couples should not make Facebook their relationship capital.

In truth, all social media platforms can be used wisely to your advantage, but they are not to be the centre of every single activity or the moment you share with your partner.

Doing this is one other couples make.


3. Keep your most intimate moments as intimate and private as possible.

Clayton adds that “An intimate moment is no longer an intimate moment if you’re sharing it with the world. Relationships are sacred because of the boundaries and respect that surround it.”


4. Conversations carry more weight when said that when typed, suggests Karen Finn.

So when there is a very serious thing or issue that needs to be discussed, don’t make the mistake of having that conversation online where some words won’t carry as much weight as they would if your partner heard them from your mouth.

Meanings also get lost while chatting or messages sent through text. Know when to text and when to discuss.


5. Social media is not everything.

“When Facebook becomes a tool to read into your partner’s soul, you’ve stopped tracking them and started reacting to their avatar rather than the real person they are,” concludes Clayton Olson.

Learn to live and communicate with your partner outside the virtual world.



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