8 Reason Your Relationship Won’t Last

8 Reason Your Won’t Last |

It is perfectly normal to feel doubtful about your relationship, especially a new. But if your relationship starts to feel more like a chore, then you may have to watch out, because he or she will not be your ‘happily ever after’. In fact, there can be several warning signals along the way, telling you that it won’t work out. Here are 8 signs that you are dating the wrong person.


8. You don’t feel good about yourself

Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/101260691598344105/

Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/101260691598344105/

The you spend with your partner should make you feel better about yourself, not worse. If you notice that you feel more doubtful or insecure with them, chances are they are actually toxic for your mental health. If your partner exacerbates your self-doubts and undermines your confidence, it’s to stand up for yourself and walk out the door and find someone better.

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