Glo subscriber wins N12Million with N50 in Glo-WinWise Salary4life using the code *20144*3*1#

Date 2024-04-06


A Glo subscriber, Ogunyankinnu Damilare has won Twelve Million Naira (N12,000,000) with a paltry N50 in the Glo-WinWise lottery games promoted by Whispa Konnect in collaboration with telecommunications giant, Globacom after dialing the code *20144*3*1#.

Management of Whispa Konnect led by the Chief Executive Officer, Igbene Oritsetinmeyin presented the lucky winner with a Twelve Million Naira cheque at a mini ceremony in Lagos to affirm the credibility of the Glo-WinWise lottery games.

According to Igbene, Whispa Konnect is redeeming its statutory pledge and commitment of rewarding players accordingly with their deserved prizes without compromise. “Today, we are presenting a Twelve Million Naira cheque to our Glo-WinWise jackpot winner, Mr. Ogunyankinnu Damilare as part of our commitment to upholding trust and transparency.

“The Glo-WinWise salary4life is simple to play by dialling *20144*3*1# with a huge cash and gifts rewards assured,” Igbene stated. He continued that, “currently, there are over 90,000 players on the platform of the Glo-WinWise games who have continuously win cash and great prizes.”

GLO winner

On his part, Damilare thanked Whispa Konnect, operators of Glo-WinWise lottery games for making it hassle-free in playing and redeeming prizes won without challenges. He said, “I sincerely didn’t believe that I have won Twelve Million Naira in just few minutes of playing and in less than three days I have been notified to pick-up my winning cheque. It is incredible.”

How to Play Glo-WinWise Salary4life

Participating in this life-changing game is as simple as dialing *20144*3*1# on your Glo Network. This easy access ensures that everyone, regardless of location – from the bustling streets of Lagos to the serene landscapes of rural Nigeria – can partake in the excitement of the Glo-WinWise game.

The Glo-WinWise games with an exciting lineup including Glo Salary for Life, Glo Instant Cash, Glo Fast Fingers, Glo Soccer Cash, and Glo WyseCash, there’s a game for every aspiration and dream.

Whether you’re aiming for the security of a lifetime income, the thrill of instant cash wins, or the excitement of winning the latest tech gadgets, Glo-WinWise lottery games promise opportunities galore. Glo-WinWise Salary for Life promises a future where winners never have to worry about financial security again. Imagine a steady income, ensuring peace of mind for life, accessible via or through the unique shortcode *20144*3*1# for Glo subscribers.

Glo Instant Cash is the go-to for those seeking the adrenaline rush of instant wins, making significant cash prizes just a dial away. Players can jump into the action by visiting or through the unique shortcode *20144*1*1# for Glo subscribers.

For the tech-savvy and quick-fingered, Glo Fast Finger offers the chance to win the latest gadgets in the blink of an eye. Details are available at or through the unique shortcode *20144*2*1# for Glo subscribers.

Why Choose Glo-WinWise?

The answer lies in the unparalleled trust and nationwide reach of Glo, combined with the innovative spirit of Whispa Konnect. Together, they’ve created a platform where dreams can be pursued with confidence. By registering for Glo-WinWise lottery games, players are not just entering draws; they’re stepping into a world brimming with potential wins and life-altering opportunities. Join the Glo-WinWise winning circle, the journey to fortune starts with a choice to play. By choosing Glo-WinWise lottery games, you’re embracing the chance to win big, secure your future, and experience the joy of victory.

For Glo-WinWise lottery registration and to explore the myriad of Glo-WinWise lottery opportunities in Nigeria, dial *20144# and let your adventure begin.

“WinWise – because with Glo and Whispa Konnect, every play is a step closer to your dreams.”

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