How to win a Girl’s Attention Wherever You Are

Date 2016-05-02



Want to know how to get a girl’s attention, be it on the streets or after an introduction? Find out how to get her attention and make her like you.

When it comes to getting a girl’s attention, a lot depends on the first impression.

Guys have always been drawn to girls who look good and have a cheerful aura.

But girls aren’t far behind either.

While stunning looks may not be the sole criteria for a girl to like a guy, appearances do play a big part at the beginning.

How to get a girl’s attention

If you’re walking down a street or sitting in a coffee shop, and a girl walks past you, what are the first few things you notice about her?

You’d obviously notice her face, her body, her attire and the way she behaves.

Just like you, girls notice these things too.

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