#IYAC2017 Day 2 – Youth Alive Convention 2017 (Morning Session)

Charge: 2 Kings 2:12 – Do not be distracted, remain focused, be steadfast.

Whatsoever you brought that is not of a king, let them go. – Revelations 3:8.

Pastor Promise Omiodore

First Message

Teaching by Pastor Promise Omidiora

Title: Gateways to Your Enthronement

One cardinal emblem of kings is authority.

Until you have the key to the gate you may not be able to access the function of the house.

The top is where every believer belongs by redemption.
The almighty God has no business creating a low weak man/woman.
Even amongst the best you will still be counted as the best, that is the destiny of every believer

Why believers find it hard on how to get about it..
Ecclesiastics 10:15

Until you discover the how, they where has no value…
Your Enthronement is not negotiable..
Everything God says is what He has already done.

Revelations 5:10 – He made is Has priests and gave us an assignment to reign.

1 Peter 2:9 – You have been selected of God and no Mortal man can Deselect You… You have the responsibility therefore, of pressing until you are enthroned..

Great destinies may not translate to living great lives,
No one camps with Jesus and loses His Life.

Luke 16:16 – until demand is made, Goods are not supplied.
You must be ready to contend for your Enthronement.
Mathew 13:25, Mathew 11:12

It is the engine in the vehicle that determines the capacity of the vehicle… The engine inside your body is the fire of the holy ghost, who can contend the power of the holy ghost.

The Price determines the Value, My Value is The Life Jesus Gave on the Cross of calvary.

Deuteronomy 2:24
You are ordained, a more than a conquerror.

Subject matter on accessing to gateway to Enthronement…
1. Meekness – Engaging the Power of Meekness
The path to greatness often is the path they call stewardship, often referred to as meekness. Num 12:23 – Meekness is the Ladder to Your Greatness

Mathew 5:5 – Who is called the King is the owner of the Kingdom – Don’t look at your Locality as Your Kingdom..
The bible says you have the authority to inherit the whole earth..

You cannot rise until you are prepared to humble your self. Your rising height is determined by your level of meekness – James 4:10


James 4:6 – what we fail most times is the test of meekness. It is the strength of character that will determine the access to grace.

Meekness is the Fruit of the Holy Spirit – if anyone is not working in meekness, we doubt if the holy spirit is in him – Jesus was born of the anointing but it took him first to the Carpenter’s shop.

The seed of the greatest tree does not look great, but there is something inside of it that must eventually become great.

Life is in phases, men and in sizes, live your life part-time and lines will fall into places.
Many have lost destiny because they lack humility.

Proverbs 18:12 – If you are not humble you are not a candidate for honour. Pride is a sinker, a destroyer and a killer, many have entered into their untimely grave because of pride.

If you are not humble you cannot be humbled.

Meekness – is the inner strength of Godly character
Meekness – is the quality of having a modest or low view of ones importance. (Don’t rate yourself beyond who you are)

There is a place that is ordained for you but there is an hour you will get to it. It may look slow to you, but God is never late.

Philippians 2:5-7 – Christ was born in a manger, meant for animals, taken to Nazareth… He stooped due to meekness.
(Who my biological father is is not important, my heavenly father is who is important.)
– Philippians 2:8 – Ability to humble Ourselves

When we pass the test of humility and meekness we will discover that our throne is already before us….

Why trivialize the vision God has already given to you?
When we are humble enough hen our throne will be established, Meekness is your best companion on your way to your throne. – 1 Peter 5:6


The Benefits of the Wisdom that makes for enthronement

1. Will Decorate you with Honour and Glory
Provers 29:23, Mathew 23:12

2. Is the pathway to greatness ( without meekness, greatness is a mirage)

3. Provides the release of fresh grace James 4:6

4. Empowers the believer to overcome or to conquer pride –

There are 3 categories of work
1. Hard Work (beginning of all works) Ecclesiastics 9:10
2. Right Work (humble yourself to take the hard work, the right work is just at the corner)
3. Wise Work (people begin to refer to what you did)


There is a place you are going but there is a road that leads to it, that road is the road of meekness. Don’t despise the days of little beginnings.

It is the key of meekness that can unlock the hate to your Enthronement.


Day Two, Morning Session (2/8/2017)
As Transcribed by
Akonedo Jeffrey
ICT Unit Leader, @Yafuwasota


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