#IYAC2017 Day 3 – Youth Alive Convention 2017 (Morning Session)

#IYAC2017 Day 3 - Youth Alive Convention 2017 (Morning Session)

# Day 3 – Full Message Transcript |

First Message

Topic: Engaging the Power of FAITH for Your Enthronement

Preacher: Bishop David Oyedepo

1 Cor 3:9
▪ Destiny Is An Issue Of Choice Not Chance
▪ Doing What God Says To Do Today Is What Creates A Future, so destiny is not chance but choice.
▪ You Prepare for the future you’ve discovered in Christ, you don’t wait for it. John the Baptist, was in the wilderness, preparing for his unveiling to Israel.
▪ Faith failure is equal to heart failure, as far as the kingdom of God is concerned, faith is key to everything.


■ What Is Faith?
Acts 6:7 Rom 4:3 2Peter 1:5
Faith Is Not A Religious Theory
Faith is not a believe system, it is a spiritual force I Cor 2:5
Faith is not a Biblical strategy, it’s a spiritual force
It’s not a dormant force but a dominant force Heb 11:33-34
Accomplishment is not transferable Prov 13:4 Jude 1:20 Habb 2:4
Faith is being persuaded fully of the truth, the prevailing circumstances notwithstanding until the truth triumphs
Faith is an unstoppable force in the world of the spirit Isa 43:13
Faith is obeying God to show you believe in Him James 2:5
Faith is not waiting for God to work, faith is putting God’s word to work so as to commit him to fulfilling his part
Faith is sharing responsibility with God in the light of Scripture so as to create the future we desire Jer 6:16
Any faith that attempts to make God absolutely responsible for the outcomes of our lives, is an irresponsible faith
Faith is the display of confidence in God built on revelation of the word Rom 4:2 Heb 10:35
Faith builds our life on the same frequency as Christ Prov 3:27-28
Faith is the master key to a world of unlimited possibilities


-Nobody can prepare for another person in battle, wake up, you’re absolutely responsible for the outcomes of your life
-Nobody can build your faith for you, it’s your personal responsibility

■ The Uniqueness Of Bible Believing Faith
When Faith Is Actively At Work, You’re On Top Of What Is Tormenting Others
Bible faith taps into the power of God for our desired turnarounds
Bible faith extablishes our partnership with the invisible God, empowering us to command the impossible
It is the power of God for our desired turnaround

■ Why Must I Develope My Faith?
The Just shall live by faith
Your personal victory is a function of your faith
Faith is the gateway to supernatural breakthroughs in life e.g.
Faith is fundamental to fulfilment of prophecy because only the hand of God can deliver the plan of God
Faith is key to accomplishment of any vision. Don’t assume faith, cultivate/grow your faith

Jer 6:16 don’t leave your future to chance, prepare for it by developing your faith; for Nobody arrives at a future he didn’t prepare for.

Build your faith on a stand-alone platform with God not on man because men are temporary

■ Serving God
Mathew 6:24-33. Money is not worth your pursuit because money has wings & you don’t therefore do those things that attracts the blessings of God. It is not wisdom living to pursue money. Exodus 23:25 Job 36:11 Isa 65:24
Serving God Creates A Future
Don’t be a seat-tight Christian
Be committed to tireless service/stewardship to God & when you’re due, you’ll never be denied

I read 8 books on Marriage before getting marriage
I read 39 books on successful individuals from various dispensations in ministry before embarking on ministry so as to learn from their mistakes because learning from experience is costly
There are certain things nobody will tell you, certain things you will never know until find out. Go & find out, make researches, read books, learn. About those things you want to do.
MBA in business, is not equal to practical knowledge



Day Three, Morning Session (3/8/2017)
As Transcribed by
Ofili Uche
Freshers Coordinator, @Yafuwasota, Edo State

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