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Jefak’s Trouble Making Series – List of Ashewo Bloggers (Ep1)

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jtmsYou have probably heard of flirt bloggers/PRs, well i am here to wow you with an article, quite funny but pretty real. Almost everyone calls me Jefak, but hey, this article is not about me, this is the the first episode to my ‘Trouble Making Series’, and this right here is about bloggers (Ashewo Bloggers). You really need to sit tight because its about to get real ____ down here, i know couple of the guys on this list would call me after this, they all saw the preamble but you are seeing the actual complete article. I officially declare the Series Started.

Finally, I am Kicking off with
Akoh///Isaiah Akoh/// Alhaji swag men, the kinda guy you should beat your sister for getting too close to, Away Matches 250, Home Matches 700… That Niger Alhaji Swag… Better don’t fall in love, take what you came for and Go.. Let me sign off there but wait o, check his pm on bbm, this bros has been looking for lady Corpers posted to Abuja and Illorin since morning… Wetin cef???

Usman///Agent47///Hitman Uzy// As the name implies, he dey form hit man, this guy can convert any chick to 47vibez PR, you wee keep seeing em on his dp, but you wee never smell pin, number, sometimes to save the pictures you go dey get issues like; not enough memory, name already exists, and so on… Hitman girls always carry everything.. Their names range from Kafayat to Suliat, to Aminat

Bandie Samuel///Spells/// My confirm Paddy in Crime, I am so happy for him, since he found love, bros no dey put girls dp for him dp space again.. Halleluyah, but now, him dps fit make u go yaba left tho… This Bros and Ogagus of Purple drums ehn, their plans you can never know. Word and Opposite guys, crayfish and crab.. Oga spells ehn, i no talk sha, wen he read this, its certain he’d say ‘BYE’

Greycode///(No one Knows this guy’s Real Name)/// Fada of ladies, he says its just during em birthdays, Omo Seriously I tire o, chech his dp now, na babe dey der, I never know if the bros dey share tho, I go try my luck after him delete me.. I go come re invite with plenty Abeg, This guy no be Blogger sha, buh he gast get space for this article, Greycode na don..

Sherif Braimah///shefodaflamer///Shefo/// the only guy that has multiple nickname for different level of chicks.. Em don say make bros go marry, bros still wan bachelor small, anytime dem tell am, he dey either write exams or him dey defend project… I no know if na room project o… Every girl that appears on his DP is baby.. Sherif Goan an Marry, we are waiting for you

Enough Wahala for today, Incase you didnt know, Its my birthday today, HBD to myself and Sojay of Edge Record, RIP Dagrin, we miss you..

Written by Akonedo Jeffrey (Jefak)
IG/Twitter: Jefak007


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