Letter to Davido by @Slimzy_Finest

Date 2014-08-11


It has always been my desire to meet you one on one but since that opportunity isn’t forthcoming,I decided to relegate to this medium to pass my message across.
I have been an ardent listener of your music right from day one,you won’t be exaggerating if you call me your number one fan.I don’t usually become so glued to an artiste just by hearing his first single;that normally happens in his second or third single as the case maybe.But in your own case you defied that norm,I saw myself becoming so attached and loving your style of music just by the first shot.
  The very first official single of yours “Back When” really got me into you,thanks to the fact that you embellished afropop with so much flavour and sweetness,coupled with the choice of featured artiste whom as well did justice to the track.The song became an anthem within just a few weeks of it release.I could remember bragging to my pefti friends”just because they love wizkid songs”who were by that time still skeptical of your prowess that “mehn…this guy is the bomb…”they were like “…g don’t conclude yet,let’s wait for his second single,meh we confirm whether yin go maintain the tempo…”.So I somewhat became a preacher of “Davido’s Music” that’s funny right?!.I had to do it to convince my incredulous friends.But to be frank,I had my fears though but nonetheless I kept my fingers crossed.
  Few months down the year,you relieved me of my fears when you released “Dami Duro” a song I believe cemented your place as an up-and-coming artiste in the Nigerian and African Music Scene.It undoubtedly was a massive hit that rocked the airwaves.Now I can go back to my friends whom by now are believers.The following year you walked away with the Headies Next Rated Award(you are arguably one of the few musicians that have actually soar higher in the industry in respect to the mandate of the award).Moving forward you dropped your multi-platinum debut selling album “O.B.O The Genesis”,an album that harboured so many hit tracks in the likes of Dami Duro,Back When,Ekuro,Overseas,Feel Alright amongst others.Eversince the release of your Debut Album,you’ve literally become a chart topper.Fans can’t wait for your Sophomore Album having whet our appetite with monster hits like Gobe,Skelewu,One Of A Kind,Aye,Tchelete;one can only but wonder what the album title is going to be maybe “Clash Of Hits” will be a good title.But unfortunately you said the album isn’t going to be released this year.We are still in full anticipation not minding.
  Futhermore your success has crowned with noteworthy recognitions and awards,of most recent being crowned The Best African Act at the BETs.I formally want to congratulate you on that,its quite a great attainment to your career as well as charge of duty on your side to keep on doing good music because the World has come to fix her gaze on you.My conscience won’t be at ease if I fail to advise you not to let this success get to your head,it has become a prevalent thing to see artistes ditch the crew that they started with when they were still yet-to-be-A-list-act immediately they are this famous then wack music follow suits.But I bet you if u don’t copy that and continue plying in the road of good music and togetherness the sky will definitely be your beginning.Wishing you the very best from your No.1 fan Slimzyfinest IG @Slimzyfinest

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