The Bitter Experience Of Dating A Broke Girl

Date 2016-04-26


It baffles me totally when the issue of financial incapacity is unfairly stream-lined towards the male folks only. Since this has been the case in our society, why do we have young females going to school? Why do we have young females undergoing training in one business/trade or another?


Does it mean these set of people undertake these in order to still remain extremely dependent or look for a ‘messiah figure’ in a man who can carry their financial problems on his head as if he is carrying his destiny?

Marriage and mere romantic relationship are two different things. It is not out of place for a man to provide financially for his wife because they have come together, under law and God to become one…but I’m saying it confidently that it is never the duty of a guy to provide financially for his girlfriend!!! Haba! Kilode?

After all, we both attended school; if I can hustle to make money, she too can! Just as we have broke guys, so also the broke girls. If we begin to stigmatize broke girls, I bet you, over 85 percent of young girls in Nigeria would become ‘boyfriendless’

The following are some bitter experiences you will get when you date a broke girl:

1) You would be forced to spend extravagantly, especially, if you have taste because you would want to make her look presentable. An independent lady can conveniently take care of her personal needs unlike the broke ones! Na u go dey cater for the bills for the Peruvian hair, shoes, bags and clothes!

2) Most broke girls are fond of behaving like call-girls! You’d need to spend heavily on them before they allow you intimacy! Now, tell me the difference between that and Pr0stitution?

3) They hardly call you; instead, they flash and when you call them back, they ask you to send recharge card after letting you know that they have not been able to call you for the past one week because they lack airtime! If you have such a girlfriend, sorry, she’s not your girlfriend! If you don’t want this kind of relationship, you should visit

4) If you are dating a broke girl and you are not able to meet her financial demands, you might die of high BP because sooner than later, you would discover that the ‘highest bidder’ would be banging her as if there’s no tomorrow!

5) When it’s your birthday, just forget it! If you get a gift of boxers from her, be grateful and make sure you give a testimony and render a special number in church the following Sunday .

6) Your bills will definitely increase till you start contemplating whether patronizing call-girls is more economical!

I learned Genevieve Nnaji is building an estate! Na babe she be oo! If any babe tell you say u are broke, please, let her know about Miss Nnaji! It cannot be the fault of every guy that he is broke. There’s no monopoly in being broke!

Good evening everyone!


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