Best Wine Labels To Achieve A Healthier and Fitter Waistline

Date 2019-07-18

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Everyone dreams of having a perfect waistline. Especially for women, they are more conscious when they don’t get the right waistline measurement. They consider it as a basis of having a healthier and fitter body. Aside from that, having a perfect waistline allows you to have the freedom of wearing anything you want without worrying about any wardrobe hitches you get to experience. 

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According to medical studies, having the right waistline says a lot about your health. They say that the bigger waist you have the risk you face for several diseases comes more. Some also say that your waistline has something to say about your heart condition. Well, when it comes to health, everyone should be aware that we must follow the necessary things and steps to make sure that we get away with illness and maintain proper wellness. 

Furthermore, it is imperative that women spend a lot of time making sure they maintain a perfect waistline. They do this for several reasons such as having excellent body aesthetics and most notably they have something to flaunt when they got to beaches. Some are even cutting their consumption of protein and fats, which led them to go vegan only to achieve their dream waistline.

Moreover, drinking alcoholic beverages may also affect the measurement of one’s waist. Drinking beers, wines, tequila, etc. when left unmanaged will surely bloat and affects your perfect dream body. Hence, if you find yourself drinking a glass of wine and ‘can’t resist because you are slurping your favorite label, here are some tips you may follow on how to select the right wine label while maintaining a perfect and healthier waistline. 

Look For A Sugar-Free Champagne 

Going bubbly and light makes your life more comfortable. When to get to achieve a perfect waistline, selecting a no-added-sugar Champagne will help you achieve that dream. These Champagne brands undergo natural fermenting and bottling experience, and the sweetness you can savor should come from the native grape varietals used to produce these wines. 

There are lots of Champagne wines you can choose which does not have any sugar content. Here are some of the best sugar-free Champagne bottles you can get for a perfect waistline. These wines are found in your local wine stores such as Sokolin Wines. 

French Rose Wines – these Champagne wine labels has a shallow alcohol content. It comes as fruity and dry with no sugar added to it. It is also perfect when tasted during warmer days. 

Riesling Wines  – it’s a perfect Champagne to drink to achieve an exemplary waistline during summer months. If you find yourself on the beach flaunting your summer bod, then holding a glass of Riesling wine deems a perfect match. 


Lambrusco Wines – it’s a sparkling wine which comes very light and low calories. There are also helpful antioxidants that this wine possesses such as polyphenols that helps in trimming your body fat. 

Examine The Wine’s ABV 

Alcohol By Volume or ABV is the main component of why a lot of people love to drink wine. Wine manufacturers might not include this on the ‘bottle’s nutritional facts, and this is something you should acquire some knowledge. The ABV has something to do with the alcohol level of each wine so you may know which is stronger or not. 

In most cases, a wine label that has an ABV of 9% has low alcohol content. If a wine label possesses a higher ABV than 9%, then you should avoid drinking it when you are on your way of getting that fitter and fabber body waist measurement. 

Choose White Over Red

Generally, white wine contains fewer calories compared to red wines. Although red wines are proven to give higher health benefits rates, white wines may help you in maintaining your dream body shape. 

Thus, if you are dreaming to maintain a waistline which can leave everyone in awe and make sure you are healthy overall, choose white and lighter wines all the time. Aside from that, drink only ‘what’s necessary and recommended so as not to achieve the other way around. 

Purchase European Wines

As you may have known, European countries deem the most massive production of wines all over the world. Ideally, these European countries like France, Italy, and Germany are the first regions which developed top-tiered and elegant wine labels that you can find in any corner of the world. It is also the main reason why a lot of wine lovers would purchase wine labels made from these regions because they are sure they’re getting the best value out of their money spent. 

In line with your health campaign like maintaining a perfect waistline, it is advisable that you buy wines made from these European countries. These countries tend to have the strictest rules when it comes to the alcohol content of the wine they produce. Lastly, make sure you get away with wines crafted from warmer estates like Australia and Chile if you want to achieve a perfect body shape.

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