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Date 2014-05-07

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Mr Ecowas Pageant is a platform known to have being launched last year at the bespoke event center lekki lagos nigeria on November 10 2013, it is said to be a tv show, as the concept is currently open for investors or sponsors, MR OBIAlO VICTOR the pageant president stated in his statement on a press release, he also said that the set back for last years Mr Ecowas was due to funding issues.

He said that the pageant is set to inspire young Entrepreneurs,skilled/Creative youth,models, Entertainment and community/human development across all the Ecowas nations as the media plans put in place is set to reach out to over 500million views in the 20 days tv show set to start by November 27 2014 and the finals is set for December 21 2014

Plans are in place and the Budget is set for the MR ECOWAS PAGEANT 2014 (season2) at 40million naria

Tagged: PICKING A FACE OF THE NATIONS, with a mixed concepts that have not being seen on tv before.

The project is estimated to generate 90million naria as profit, if commercialized in sub,pre and post activities and create 69 jobs.

I know the values of this conception as an international platform and We have seen so many powerful ways to promote personalities, businesses, goods/ services and organizations with this concept, MR OBIALO said.

This project was not set up to make profile but we have not be able to get response for sponsorship proposals sent and we have an estimated time to wait for response,as we would like none of the nation to be left behind in this contest, so we have an open floor and would love to exploit the commercial potentials of this concept (MR ECOWAS ) by welcoming as much as 1 to 4 investor into the project to invest and make profit. As well as sponsors that see the marketing capabilities even before we state our plans.

A detailed proposal is in place with factors the fund will be used for. For sponsors

An MOU is also in place for investors and a detailed plan on how to meet with the stated output and factors the capital will be used for.

(For investors)
Note: that only the public voting for the contestants generates as much as 60 million naira, if 20million people gets to vote at the charge rate of 50 naria pre sms the network gets 20naria why we get 30naria per vote and 15million naira will be made if 3000 regular t!ckets are sold for 5000 naira excluding tables,vvip and vip t!ckets.
Post events after the Pageant will address some youth developmental needs of west africa in seminars and also charity visit, tours and other programs for MR ECOWAS will be put in place which also creates avert all year round.

Lastly documentations of previous MR ECOWAS are available, you can request for it .

To achieve the stated output we have laded down plans to meet the same as media and other plans are to reach out to over 500 million people. WE WOULD LOVE TO GET THE YOUR EMAIL ,AS TO SEND AN mou or proposal and documentations.

And note that this is coming open due to time as we would love qu!cker responses to our proposals as to ensure that we meet with the time for preparations and make bookings for  facilities and  man power.

Thank you for your time. You can get to us on
08130097853 or 081237797853
32pliot crescent off bode thomas surulere , lagos. Nigeria.


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