10 Simple Food to Combat Anemia & Also Improve Your Blood

Date 2015-09-13

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“Anemia occurs when a person’s hemoglobin level in the blood falls below normal.  One of the most common causes of anemia are a deficiency of iron, vitamin B12 or folic acid. Although there are other causes like”fodds-to-combat-anemia

  • Lactation

  •  Excessive blood loss

  •  Worm infestation in the stomach and intestine.

  •  Smoking

  •  Aging

  •  High BMI

  • Inherited disorders like sickle cell anemia

  •  some medications

  •  Diseases such as arthritis, HIV/AIDS, Crohn’s disease

 symptoms of anemia are: shortness of breath, fatigue, paleness, light-headedness, headaches, chest pain and frequent infections.

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