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12 Things Smart Women Know About Men

Since hindsight is always 20/20 (don’t you hate that?), we know that the most well-learned love lessons come from experience. Click through for our best tried-and-true relationship advice.


1. Get Picky

“Boys pick girlfriends like people pick apples. The average ones at the bottom of the tree are easiest to grab, so they get picked the fastest. But any guys worthy of you will climb to the top of the tree for something really special.”
—Shanna Yehlen, 28


2. Keep the Right Happiness Ratio

“If you are happy with your husband 80 percent of the time, you’ve got it made; it’s when they fall below the 80 percent approval line that you’re in trouble.”
—Anne Jensen, 30


3. Learn Togetherness—and When to Separate

“The secret to a healthy relationship is compromise, communication and, most important, separate Netflix queues.”
—Valerie Denny, 27


4. Find Your Inner Glinda the Good Witch

“Good things come when you feel good about yourself—including those good guys you thought were mythical. Love yourself first, then everything else will fall into place!”
—Janet Anne Panen, 21


5. Prep for the Head Vs. Heart Battle

“The question you need to answer is what do you want to get out of being with him? Take the doubts you think in your head, and figure out the feelings you have in your heart, and see which one wins.”
—Mandy Goldberg, 29


6. Have Fun in the Now!

“Don’t compare: yourselves, your past relationships, or your past and current situation. Remember the past, be excited about the future, but have fun right now. Right…now.”
—CJ Lotz, 21


7. Make Sure You’re Smiling

“Always make sure there’s laughter. Humor can go a long way, especially with your best friend.”
—Kaitlin Blankemeier, 25


8. Consider All Your Options

“My Aunt Julie once told me: Collect, collect, collect…and then select!”
—Janille Chavez Chiang, 29


9. Go From BFF to BF

“The best relationships begin with strong friendships.”
—Vassi Iliadis, 22


10. Embrace the New Face of Dating

“Don’t be afraid of online dating. It’s 2010, not 1995!”
—Anna Deem, 25


11. Remember—You’re Strong!

“You have the strength to do what’s right for you.”
—Marissa Gold, 27


12. Most Important, Relax

“Don’t think too much. Just enjoy yourself.”
—Shari Goldberg, 33


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