4 Things Men Do When They Are Not Cheating

Date 2015-08-21

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“There are just some things not worth getting worked up about:”

1. He doesn’t text you back in 3.2 seconds.
You know what it means if he doesn’t text you back right away? It means he’s busy. It’s not healthy to automatically leap to the worst conclusion in a single bound.

2. He hangs out with female friends alone.
This one is a bit tough, because alone time with a person is one of the prerequisites for s*x (or maybe not, if you’re adventurous). But guess what? Two people of opposite gender are totally capable of hanging out together without winding up unclad.

Badgering him about his lady friends without some kind of probable cause is unfair and likely to make him resentful.

3. He simply has female friends.
There’s a myth that a guy’s female friends are simply women he hasn’t slept with yet (but wants to).

Here’s an easy way to test that theory: Do you want to sleep with all your guy friends? Exactly.

We’re all just people here, and our friends come in all shapes, sizes and yes, even genders.

4. He needs time away from you.
If you always used to have a date night on Saturday and he wants to skip out this time around, it doesn’t automatically mean he’s finding a new date. People aren’t robots, and you both need to adapt to each other as you change over time.

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